Markham Springs

Our Story

In the year 2000, the Williamsville Area Progress Committee, (W.A.P.C.), was formed in order to make improvements to Markham Springs Recreation Area. The Williamsville community received information that the recreation area was to be closed. Upkeep and improvements to Markham Springs, before, had failed to be completed due to lack of funding. Members of the community felt the need to take action in order to keep this long time, community focal point alive. 

     Williamsville residents wrote newspaper articles, and called their representatives voicing their concern for the recreation area, in order to see what could be done to make a difference. There has been much interest in the Williamsville community, and surrounding communities for this beautiful part of the Ozark Forest. W.A.P.C. is working in coordination with the U.S. Forest Service to make improvements possible. 

    Many families have enjoyed returning home and bringing their families back to the country to relax and enjoy vacations. Markham Springs has always been a place where this has been possible and we have worked long and hard not to lose that.

      In the year 2010, investors had taken interest in making improvements to the historical rock house and mill. Because of their hard work and dedication, the rock house has been made into a vacation home for families to enjoy. A journal has been kept that tells the stories of the visitors experiences.  

    The Williamsville Old Tyme Country Festival has been an annual part of bringing families back to the area. The dedication of W.A.P.C., the Williamsville community, and surrounding communities and businesses have helped to make this festival possible. 

      Since the year 2000, improvements have been successfully made. People here care about their community and want this place to continue to thrive throughout the generations. Markham Springs has been a major attraction for this community with its beautiful springs, rock bluffs along the winding trails, beautiful campsites, its geographical significance and its rich history. We hope, when you come to visit, you will love the area as much as we do!

W.A.P.C. Mission Statement

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